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  • More Than 50 International Lotteries
  • Great Mobile Apps
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LottoSmile Summary

LottoSmile is one of the leading websites for online lottery games in India and offers Indian gamblers the ability to purchase lottery tickets from all around the world! LottoSmiles owner, TheLotter, has been running successfully and has been paying out huge jackpots since its founding in 2002. LottoSmile is a great place to get started in the online lottery market if you want a safe Indian lottery site. The platform has a lot of traffic, its payouts are reliable, and it is known as one of the most professional and highly ranked lottery sites globally.

If you have been looking for a reliable online lottery site that allows you to buy lottery tickets in Indian rupees, Lottosmile is the place to be, so get started and visit LottoSmile today!


LottoSmile Information



The Lotter Limited

Support Options

Email, Live Chat 24/7 FAQ

Accepts Indian Ruppe





Malta Gaming Authority (License: MGA/CRP/402/2017)

Total Ammount of Lotteries Supported


Deposit methods

MasterCard, VISA

Supported Devices

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

LottoSmile Features

  • More Than 50 International Lotteries

  • Great Mobile Apps

  • Amazing Live Chat Support

About LottoSmile

LottoSmile is one of the most trusted online lottery sites in India. You can buy international lottery tickets through Lottosmile, which means that you don’t have to go anywhere and that you can be assured that you are buying a legitimate ticket. 

LottoSmile offers a safe, secure, and fun online lottery experience for players. Not only do they provide jackpots from lotteries all around the world, but they also have a team of dedicated customer service representatives who are available 24/7 to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

LottoSmile is a part of TheLotter and is one of the most trusted names in the online lottery business with headquarters in Malta. It was founded way back in 2002 and has grown to become one of the largest lottery operators in the world. They are also one of the only lottery sites focused solely on the Indian market.

Is LottoSmile Legal in India? 📜

The first thing you should know before signing up to a lottery site is if it is legal in India. If you accidentally use an illegal lottery site, it could make it more difficult to withdraw your winnings. 

LottoSmile is completely legal in India, and you should not have any problems signing up or withdrawing your winnings. If the laws were to change, LottoSmile would also be one of the first lottery sites in India to follow the new laws since they are solely focused on the Indian market.

The laws in some Indian states concerning lotteries, and gambling in general, can be very strict. But the great news for online lottery gamblers is that there are no laws banning international lotteries. This means that you can safely and legally buy international lottery tickets like Powerball or Megamillions safely and legally with them.

Is LottoSmile Safe? 

LottoSmile, and its owner TheLotter, are fully licensed online lottery sites that have been in business since 2002. LottoSmile offers tickets from 45+ lotteries around the world, including lotteries like Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions.

We ran the website through over 80 security and malware tests and they came out completely clean with no warnings whatsoever. So, if you use the real LottoSmile website you should have close to zero risk of getting scammed.

Keep in mind that you could still accidentally visit a site that is similar to LottoSmile, but not exactly the same. To remove this risk we recommend you visit them with our “claim now” or “visit LottoSmile” buttons.

LottoSmile Security Test

How To Open a LottoSmile Account

Estimate Cost : INR

Time Needed : 5 minutes

Opening an account with LottoSmile is as easy as following these 6 steps:

  1. Go To LottoSmile

    Go to the correct website by clicking “claim now”.

  2. Click On “Sign up”

    Once there, click on the “Log in/sign up” button.

  3. Enter Your Email

    Enter the email you wish to use. Make sure it is the correct email, otherwise, you will need to repeat this process.

  4. Enter Your Password

    Enter your password. We recommend using a secure password and writing it down somewhere so you remember it.

  5. Enter Your Country

    You will then be asked to enter your country. This is not where you wish to buy lottery tickets from, just where you live. The cou

  6. Submit Your Information

    Klick on the submit button, and then you are finished. Remember that you have to verify your account if you wish to buy lottery tickets.

Get Up to 25% Off on First Ticket!
  • More Than 50 International Lotteries
  • Great Mobile Apps
  • Amazing Live Chat Support

✔️ What is Great About LottoSmile?

LottoSmile is easily one of the best online lottery websites in India, and we strongly recommend them if you wish to buy lottery tickets. Here are just some things that make LottoSmile stand out in the online lottery market!

✔️ You Can Buy Lottery Tickets Through Syndicates with LottoSmile.

If you are looking to win big on Lottosmile, then you should look into being a part of a lottery syndicate. With a syndicate, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase multiple tickets at a much lower price. The drawback with this is that you have to share the winnings with multiple people. But keep in mind that if you are not a member of a Syndicate, you will still have the chance to win, but at a higher cost per ticket, decreasing your overall chance of winning.

✔️ LottoSmile offers lottery tickets from more than 50+ international lotteries!

LottoSmile is one of the largest online lottery resellers in India with over 50+ different international lotteries available to buy. Whether you’re interested in a small national lottery or something like Megamillions or EuroJackpot, there is a lottery for you!

✔️ Great 24/7 Live Chat

Among the normal customer support options like email, the stand out feature of LottoSmiles support is their live chat. Their live chat is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They understand that you might need help when it is time for you to play your lottery, so they try to be available at all times.

✔️ Dedicated Mobile Apps

LottoSmile offers dedicated mobile apps for both iPhones and Android phones. This means that you can easily buy lottery tickets and check the draw while on the go.

The app also offers real-time updates. This means that you can see the current jackpot amount and other game details in the app without having to open the website.

❌ What We Don’t About LottoSmile

There is only really one big issue about LottoSmile that keeps it from being the obvious standard choice for everyone, and that is:

❌ Too Few Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

While they accept Indian rupees right now, they don’t offer most of the common payment methods to Indians. That means you will not be able to use Skrill, Paytm or even PayPal when you buy lottery tickets with them. Now you can only use your Debit or Credit Card when depositing money, and sometimes you can only use bank transfers when withdrawing your winnings.

LottoSmile Bonuses

Lottery fans will be ecstatic with the great LottoSmile bonuses and promotions happening regularly.

Welcome Bonuses

LottoSmile is one of the few gambling sites that doesn’t offer any special bonus for new players, but they do have regular offers. This means that they are confident enough in its platform and other offers to know that people will use them anyway.

But no welcome bonuses do not mean any bonuses at all, players who play regularly will get special bonuses. LottoSmile has a higher focus on rewarding loyal players instead, which is better if you wish to play regularly.

LottoSmile Loyalty Program

The best way to make the most out of LottoSmile is by joining their loyalty program. You can join their loyalty program straight away before you’ve even purchased any tickets. When you have joined, all you have to do is purchase lottery tickets, and you you will be rewarded with VIP points that you can use for promotions.

LottoSmile Loyalty and VIP Bonus

Create a LottoSmile account

Creating an account with LottoSmile is simple. The process takes less than five minutes, and you can begin playing global online lotteries instantly. 

How to Sign Up to Lottosmile

How to sign up to LottoSmile

The site doesn’t ask for much personal information other than your email address and a password when you sign up. It’s completely free to create a LottoSmile profile, and you don’t need to add a deposit right away. When you have an account you can browse through the site and see the different lottery games they offer.

If you don’t wish to keep track of another password, you are also able to sign up to LottoSmile with your Facebook account. When you do this they will automatically take your Facebook information and add it to your LottoSmile account. And in the future, when you wish to sign in, you just have to press sign in with Facebook.

How to withdraw your earnings

If you win a jackpot prize, you have two choises on how to withdraw your earnings. You can either collect the prize sum from the lottery game where you won directly or let LottoSmile collect on your behalf.

In the case that you wish to take your earnings from the lottery game, you have to pay all travel arrangements yourself, and you also have to arrange your own visa. This is more of an hassle, but if you win a lifechanging Jackpot you may wish to be there to pick up the large check yourself.

LottoSmile withdrawals and deposits

LottoSmile makes deposits and withdrawals super easy, and the best part of it all is that there is no minimum deposit amount. The minimum withdrawal amount is somehow almost as low and is set at $1 which is less than 80 INR.

This goes against everything that most gambling companies do. They usually have low deposit limits, but high withdrawal limits so that your money is stuck in the casino.

Deposit Methods

One of the few low points is the limited deposit methods. You can only deposit money with either Visa or Mastercard. Most Indians have one of these two cards, but if you don’t you should look for another online lottery provider.

All LottoSmile Deposit Methods

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

You can withdraw money from your account in one of two ways. If you wish to withdraw less than $1000 (76 548 INR) you can withdraw them with a Visa or Mastercard. If, however, you have more than $1000 to withdraw, you have to use a bank transfer. To withdraw the amount you have available, simply click on the ‘Withdraw’ tab and follow the instructions. You can easily see if your numbers won at the LottoSmile website or mobile app while you are on the go, and if you are interested you can also see the results of all 50+ lotteries that LottoSmile offer.

List of LottoSmile results

LottoSmile Syndicates And Bundles

Other than just buying personal tickets the normal way, you have another two great ways to purchase lottery tickets with LottoSmile. These are through syndicates and bundles, both ways to get more chances to win for less. 

LottoSmile Syndicates

LottoSmile Syndicates Example

Groups of people who buy a lot of lottery tickets together to increase their odds of winning are called syndicates.

If the Syndicate wins the lottery, the members will split the winnings among themselves depending on how much they put in.

Through Lottosmile, you can easily purchase lottery tickets that are shared by other users as well as part of a syndicate. This means that the chances of you winning the lottery will increase, but the maximum jackpot you can win will decrease.

On the LottoSmile website, you can easily find syndicates you can join, how many shares are available in total, and how many have been sold.

LottoSmile Bundles

LottoSmile Budles Example

If you are unsure if you should use personal tickets, or try your luck through a syndicate, bundles are the way you should go.

You can easily play your lucky numbers, and also have shares in syndicates. If you win on your personal tickets, you will get to keep the whole amount, and if one of the syndicate tickets wins you will get money based on your shares in the syndicate.

LottoSmile FAQ

Online lotteries may seem complicated with all the numbers you can choose. It doesn’t make it simpler when you can choose between 50+ different lotteries like you can at LottoSmile. Therefore we have collected the most common questions about LottoSmile in this list.

Yes, it is. LottoSmile is registered with MGA, one of the most well-known gaming authorities in the world. Furthermore, the LottoSmile website passed over 80 security tests, meaning it provides a secure and reliable platform for Indian customers to play the lotto.

Yes, you can. It is licenced and regulated by a trustworthy gaming authority and has a secure website, so it would not be a problem if you placed your trust in LottoSmile. To add to this, LottoSmile has not had any major scandals since its founding in 2002.

It is created for Indians, and it is legal to play in India, but it is licensed in Malta.

LottoSmile in India has only been around for a few years and was launched in 2020, but its owners have been in the lottery business since 2002.

Yes, it is one of the most popular online lottery resellers in India, and TheLotter is one of the most popular lottery sites in the world.

Yes, it is perfectly legal and even recommended by us for any Indian wishing to try the lottery.

It is super easy to create an account. You just have to share a few of your personal details, or link your Facebook account, and then you are ready. If you wish to buy a lottery ticket you have to give them a little bit more information and verify your account to decrease the risk of scams and false identities. 

It is usually very quick and simple to verify your account so that you can purchase lottery tickets. You will need some form of a valid ID that you can send to prove that you are who you say you are. This could be a passport or driver’s licence. You will also need to prove where you live, this is usually done with a bill of water or electricity. After these two easy steps, you are ready to play the lottery. 

LottoSmile App

LottoSmile App Screenshots

The LottoSmile app is a great way to check the results of your draws at any time of the day. You don’t have to worry about logging in to your account on the computer all the time, as the app will do all the work for you. With the app, you can also buy tickets for any upcoming draw.

Since it is a lottery app, it is not allowed on the google play store, but you can easily and securely download it from the website.

LottoSmile Support

If you’re a frequent visitor to the website, you’ve probably noticed that the company offers an extensive FAQ section. Sadly it doesn’t have a search function, so it can be a bit tricky to find what you are looking for, but most topics are covered. 

If you are unable to get help from the FAQs, or you just wish to get personal help, then you should definitely contact them through their live chat. 

The LottoSmile live chat is heads and shoulders above most of its competitors with quick response times and knowledgeable staff. This is one of the key areas where you really feel that they have 20 years of experience as a lottery reseller.

The Games You Can Play With LottoSmile

With the LottoSmile platform, you are able to play more than 50 lotteries from more than 20 different countries. This means that you will most likely find the game that fits you best. Some of the most interesting lotteries we, as Indians, can play with LottoSmile are Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions. These lotteries have some of the biggest jackpots in the world. Even if you don’t wish to play these large lotteries you can find something for yourself since they also offer smaller lotteries like El Gordo from Spain and Tinka from Peru.

Here is the full list of the games LottoSmile offers:

Spain – EuroMillions€215 MillionItaly – Lotto€2.8 Million
Austria – EuroMillions€215 MillionHungary – OtoslottoFt1.1 Billion
Italy – SuperStar€203.4 MillionPeru – TinkaS/7.9 Million
Italy – SuperEnalotto€201.4 MillionPhilippines – Grand Lotto₱87 Million
U.S. – Mega MillionsUS$86 MillionPoland – Lottozł7 Million
Europe – EuroJackpot€73 MillionOntario – Ontario 49C$2 Million
U.S. – PowerballUS$68 MillionRomania – Loto 6/49lei6.1 Million
Australia – Powerball LottoAU$60 MillionItaly – MillionDAY€1 Million
Portugal – Totoloto€15 MillionAustralia – Monday LottoAU$1 Million
Australia – Superdraw Saturday LottoAU$20 MillionAustralia – Wednesday LottoAU$1 Million
Texas – Lotto TexasUS$13.8 MillionNew Zealand – LottoNZ$1 Million
Texas – Lotto Texas ExtraUS$13.8 MillionSpain – BonoLoto€500 K
France – Loto Special Draw€13 MillionSouth Africa – LottoR8 Million
Spain – El Gordo€9.9 MillionMexico – Melate RetroMXN7.7 Million
Mexico – MelateMXN183.1 MillionTexas – Texas Two StepUS$350 K
Colombia – BalotoCOP34 BillionPhilippines – Mega Lotto₱18 Million
U.S. – Cash4LifeUS$7 MillionRomania – Jokerlei1.6 Million
South Africa – PowerBallR100 MillionPeru – KabalaS/520 K
Canada – Lotto 649C$8 MillionPoland – Mini Lottozł400 K
Germany – Lotto€5 MillionJapan – Mini LotoÂ¥10 Million
Spain – La Primitiva€4.5 MillionKazakhstan – Loto 6/49₸21 Million
Japan – Loto 6Â¥600 MillionSouth Africa – Daily LottoR500 K
Japan – Loto 7Â¥600 MillionTexas – Cash FiveUS$25 K
France – Loto€4 MillionMexico – ChispazoMXN150 K
Chile – Clasico LotoCLP3.4 BillionAustralia – Oz LottoNot Yet Published
Austria – Lotto€3.5 MillionKazakhstan – 5/36Not Yet Published
Australia – Saturday LottoAU$5 MillionPhilippines – LottoNot Yet Published
Hungary – HatoslottoFt1.2 BillionPhilippines – Super LottoNot Yet Published
New Zealand – PowerballNZ$5 MillionPhilippines – Ultra LottoNot Yet Published

Responsible Gambling

If you believe that you have a gambling problem, we strongly recommend that you do not visit LottoSmile. If you are already gambling there when you realise that you have a problem, their support will help you close your account, and you can always easily find GamblersAnonymous and GamCare at the bottom of every page. If you are thinking about giving up gambling, we recommend that you visit Gamblers Anonymous. You will find information on what to do if you think you have a problem.

Our Final Thoughts On LottoSmile

LottoSmile has been in the lottery business since 2002, that is 20 years, and it shows. This site is unlike other newer lottery websites because with their experience their focus is on gaining profits with long term player satisfaction by giving you an incredible lottery experience. When you visit Lottosmile, you’ll find that the site is easy to navigate, packed with features, and offers a wide variety of lottery tickets. You’ll also find that their customer service is second to none.