Online Betting in India

When it comes to betting in India, there’s no better place than online. Not only are betting sites legal in India, but they also offer some of the best odds available. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing around and find the perfect site for you! In this article, we’ll guide you through the different steps involved in signing up to a betting site, as well as explain the different sports that you can bet on. Finally, we’ll provide tips on how to get the best odds when betting online in India. So whether you’re looking to place small bets or go all-in on a major event, read on for all the information you need

What is Online Betting?

Betting is a popular way to make money. It can be fun and exciting, or it can be risky – but with knowledge, caution and luck, betting can be a great way to make money. There are many different types of bets, so it’s important to know which ones are best for you. People bet on everything from horse races to basketball games. Betting is a way to make money by predicting the outcomes of events. So, if you’re interested in betting, make sure you have the knowledge and understand the risks involved. Then get started – but be careful betting can be addictive!

How does online betting work?

Online betting is a popular way for sports fans to bet on their favourite games using their computer or phone. By placing bets on online, your winnings can be deposited directly into your bank account. Most online betting sites offer a wide range of different betting options, so you’re sure to find the right match for your gambling preferences. Additionally, many sites offer chat functions so that you can talk to other betters in real-time.

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Indian Online Betting Toplist

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How We Rank Our Betting Sites

When it comes to betting on sports, there are a lot of sites to choose from. But which one is the best? We research each and every site before ranking them, so you always have the best possible odds. And since bets can be placed at any time of day or night, you can take advantage of the best betting opportunities no matter what. Our ranking is based on a variety of factors, including the number of sports available, bonuses, customer service, bet types offered, security of deposits and withdrawals, and overall site reliability. We rank our betting sites on a scale of 0-100%, with 100% being the best. So whether you’re looking to place a small bet or bet big, we have the site for you!

Is the betting site trustworthy?

Trusted betting sites

As one of the most popular online gambling pastimes, we take into consideration a number of factors when ranking betting sites. The most important aspect of our ranking is if the betting site is secure. To find the security of online betting sites we look at a variety of factors, including their reputation, where they are licenced and if the betting site and app are secure.

If you have any concerns about the trust and security of a betting site, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to hear from you so that we can update our reviews and betting site recommendations.

Betting bonuses and promotions

When it comes to betting, there are always bonus offers and promotions to be had. The best betting sites have the best bonuses and promotions. They usually also have fair terms and conditions that make it more likely for you to win money from your bonus.

Keep an eye out for exclusive offers that are only available for a limited time – they could be the perfect way to boost your bankroll and are usually even better than welcome bonuses!

Sports betting options

When it comes to finding the best sports betting site, there’s almost nothing more important than it having a lot of betting options. We look at how many sports they offer, what countries they offer, what kind of things you can bet on and if they allow live betting. There is also a multitude of other things that the betting site has to do right, but these are just some of them.

It is also important that, in addition to giving a lot of options, the betting site gives you a lot of information. When it comes to sports betting, there’s nothing like being well-informed. That’s why you should take great care in analysing the teams, players and odds before each game to get the most accurate information possible. The betting site should help you by providing as much of this information as possible. This allows you to make informed bets and win big! 

Betting site deposit methods

betting deposit methods

When it comes to betting online, the safety of your money is always a top priority. That’s why we have researched the best payment methods and ranked them according to their reliability. The best betting sites will also offer these deposit methods as standard to their Indian players.

If something goes wrong with your betting account, always contact the betting site’s customer service team for help. Finally, always make sure you understand the site’s terms and conditions before depositing any money – if you don’t, there is a risk of losing the money you’ve put in!

Does the betting site feature live betting?

Do you love betting? If so, you’ll want to use a betting site that allows live betting. The sites with live betting offer a more exciting experience for players and are considered to be of better quality. So if you’re looking for an exhilarating gambling experience, make sure to pick a site that offers live betting!

Is the customer support easy to contact?

Betting customer service

At, we believe that customer support is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking a betting site. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on this area and make sure that the betting site’s support team is available 24/7 to help you with whatever you need. Their agents should all be fluent in English and should be ready and willing to answer any questions that you may have. If you are not satisfied with the service you have received, please do not hesitate to let us know, as we will take that into consideration when we update our rankings.

Other Things We Take Into Consideration

There are many smaller factors that we take into account when ranking the sites. One factor is the quality of the betting software. We are looking for a quality website, which is always easy to use. For example, if you have trouble even using the site, it won’t be a great place to gamble. We also look for a site that has fast loading times, so you don’t have to wait long to see your bet go through.

Top Betting Sites in India


Get 15% bonus up to ₹4,000
  • Huge variety of sports betting options
  • Deep betting and odds information on the website
  • Great betting app

Bet365 is a great Indian sportsbook with a lot of sports betting options and one of the best apps in the business. Bet365 India offers customers the opportunity to bet on all kinds of sports, including horse racing, football (soccer), rugby, cricket, golf, tennis and more.

Bet365 has been around for years and is one of the most popular brands in the world. This brand is known for its excellent customer service and wide range of betting options. In addition to traditional sports betting, Bet365 also offers casino games such as slots and table games.

Bet365’s app is one of the best in the industry with a sleek design that makes it easy to navigate between different sports and types of bets.


Get 100% bonus up to ₹80,000
  • Huge variety of games including slots, table games and more
  • Experience the excitement of live casino games with real dealers
  • Generous welcome bonus and other promotions

LeoVegas is the perfect online sportsbook for those who wish to bet on the go. It offers a great welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹10,000, and the support is very helpful. The app is also amazing and has many options. Overall, it is a great choice for anyone who wants to bet on sports with their phones.

LeoVegas Betting

What are the benefits of betting online?

Betting online can be a fun and rewarding way to spend free time. By betting on sports, e-sports, horse racing, etc., you can make a quick profit. Not to mention, betting online gives you the opportunity to feel like you have a stake in the game, which can be a lot more fun than just watching. If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to spend your free time, betting online is the way to go!

Online Betting is More Convinient

Furthermore, betting online offers many benefits that regular betting at bookies simply can’t match. For example, convenience is one of the main reasons why many people bet online – it’s just so much easier to place a bet when you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding an outlet or waiting in line. In fact, many people even say that gambling online is more fun than gambling at a bookie because you have more control over your gambling experience. 

No hassles of finding a bookmaker

Do you love betting but hate the hassle of finding a bookmaker, especially for those quick and small bets? Well, online betting is the perfect solution for you! Not only are there a lot of betting sites available online, but they’re all easily accessible through a web browser or even a mobile app. This means that there are no hassles of trying to hunt down a bookmaker in your area – you can find them all online.

Low costs for betting

Anyone who loves betting knows the importance of low-cost bookie fees. Not only are online bet costs low, but you can also place bets on a variety of sports and events that you won’t find at a physical bookie. This increases the chances of you making a with your bet.

The reason online betting sites can have lower costs is that they don’t have physical buildings they have to pay for. They also have a lot more players, so economies of scale work in their favour.

Bet on the right matches

With online betting, you can quickly and easily find the right matches to bet on that will increase your chances of winning. That is because with online betting sites you can quickly and easily see almost any match in the world, and find the odds for that match.

Access to international sports events

Do you love betting on sports but often find yourself confined to the sports betting options available to you locally? If so, then betting online is the perfect solution for you! Not only does online betting offer a wider range of sports events, but it also offers bet types like live bets and pre-match bets. In addition to this, it is also an excellent way to stay up to date with all the latest sports news and events to further increase your knowledge before your next bet.

Increased flexibility

Why not give betting online a go? Not only will you have a lot of fun, but you can also expect to reap the benefits of increased flexibility. With betting online, you can bet anytime and anywhere you want – even while you’re on the go. You can place bets on sports and events that are currently taking place, or choose to bet on games that will start days from now. Betting online gives you complete control and a great overview of your finances – no surprises at the end of the day. So why not give it a try today?

Bonus & Promotions at Betting Sites

Betting sites are always one of the best ways to make money compared to other gambling alternatives. Not only that, but you can also get bonuses and promotions that can really help you increase your chances to win. To get the best out of your bets, make sure to sign up for special bonuses and promotions. You can also look for sites that offer a variety of bonus options to suit your needs. We list all the bonuses the betting sites offer, so claim your rewards and enjoy some extra luck this season!

Betting Bonuses

Welcome Bonus

Betting sites offer a range of bonuses and promotions that can help you win more money. These can vary in terms of size and how long they last, so it is important to take note of that before signing up. When you sign up to a betting site, make sure to check for any welcome bonuses that may be available – some sites offer generous amounts of free bets just for joining!

Deposit Bonus

Whether you’re a betting enthusiast or not, you’ll want to be aware of the amazing deposit bonus offers that betting sites are offering. Many of these sites offer free bets as well as cash back rewards, which can add up quickly. Make sure you are depositing your money using the correct method to maximise your bonus. Also, read the terms and conditions carefully before claiming any bonus – some may have exclusions.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is a very useful tool in a betting player’s arsenal. Many of the best online betting sites give free money for signing up, without having to put your own money down. These bonuses are a great way for you to test out the betting site to make sure it is right for you before depositing any money.

Which Sports Can You Bet On?

Betting on sports is a popular pastime, and there are a variety of options available when it comes to betting. Whether you’re looking to place a bet online or at a brick-and-mortar bookshop, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions associated with each bet. Additionally, many online betting sites offer international betting, so make sure you know the game and the odds before placing your bet. If you want to increase your enjoyment of the bets and the sports you watch, make sure to bet on the games that matter to you!

List of sports you can bet on


Cricket Betting Matches

As one of the most popular sports in India, every Indian betting site will offer cricket betting. If you are a cricket fan, make sure to check out the latest betting odds. By doing so, you can make informed betting decisions and have some more fun along the way. See which players are in form and who might be able to beat your favourite team next time around. Betting can be a fun and exciting way to pass the time! However, always keep an eye out for how much you have already bet so that you don’t spend too much. Be sure to stay safe and win big!


Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on, with worldwide tournaments taking place every year. There are many betting options available, including live betting and online betting. Make sure you are familiar with all the different rules and betting strategies before placing a bet. Be particularly careful not to lose too much money – football is a very risky sport where great surprises can happen. We all remember when Iceland won over England in the world cup.

Football betting


Bored with the same sports on TV every day? Why not try your hand at betting on sports that are less popular in India? There are plenty of websites that offer live basketball odds and wagers, so you can make some serious money. Basketball is one of the most popular sports to bet on, especially in America. So whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just looking for some fun gambling, betting on live sports online is a great way to spend your free time!


There are so many sports to bet on, but baseball is not one of the most popular bets amongst Indians. There are however a lot of betting opportunities available for this sport, and you can place wagers on specific players or teams to win money. You can also find odds for every game and make a well-informed bet even while not knowing the sport that well. Keep an eye out for promotions – some companies offer exclusive deals that you cannot find anywhere else!

Other sports

Betting on sports can be a lot of fun, but make sure you are aware of all the sports and betting rules before placing a bet. You don’t want to get into any trouble! Apart from sports, betting can also be enjoyed on horse racing, casino games, e-sports and even other things. The best way to find out which sports are available is to check the betting site. There are a variety of sports you can bet on such as tennis, golf, soccer etcetera. So go ahead and have some fun by betting on the sports you love!

Unusual sports betting options

Types of bets and their advantages

Betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling and offers many players the opportunity to make some good money. Whether you’re a casual bettor or a hardcore punter, knowing the different types of bets and their advantages is key to making the right choices.

Singe Bets

Single bets are when you just place a single bet on an outcome. Usually, you bet on if a team is going to win or lose.

You can also bet on how many points you think a team will win by. These bets offer higher odds and are great if you win.

Multiple Bets

As you can hear from the name, this type of bet is where you bet on multiple different outcomes. It could be that you bot on a team winning two matches instead of one. The odds are a lot higher for these kinds of bets, but if you are wrong once, the whole bet loses.

Forecast Betting

Forecast betting is the most common form of betting in horse racing. This is where you bet on the top two or three finishing orders. These kinds of bets are difficult to get right, but if you win you will almost assuredly earn a lot of money.

How to deposit money into your betting account?

Betting money

Betting is all about making bets, and depositing money into your betting account is the first step in making your bets. To deposit money, please visit your preferred website by clicking on our buttons and then sign up. Once you have an account, simply navigate to the deposit money screen and enter the amount you want to transfer and how you wish to deposit your money. That’s it, now you are ready to bet!

How You Know if a Betting Site Is Legal in India

When it comes to gambling online, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. One of the first things you should do is to look for a site that has been reported for illegal gambling activities in India. Additionally, always research the site you’re thinking of using before betting. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and remember to review all the relevant information before depositing money. To be safe, look for a site that is authorized by the government of India or a license from some other governing body. Happy gambling!

Online Betting Laws India

Betting, as well as any other form of gambling, must not violate the laws of India or the laws of the state where you live. However, it is quite easy for companies that work with betting in India to follow the laws, since there are no laws specifically banning online betting. Nonetheless, there are some states where online betting is in more of a grey zone, which is good to keep in mind. Some of the states where online betting is in a bit of a grey zone are:

Andhra PradeshGambling is banned, does not mention online betting.
MaharashtraDoes not ban online betting, however, it is in a grey area. 
TelanganaPhysical betting and casinos are banned. The laws do not mention online betting.
Uttar PradeshThe laws ban all offline betting. They do not mention online betting.
KarnatakaLand based gambling is not allowed, does not ban online gambling.

How to get the best odds when betting online?

When betting online, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Among them are the ways to get the best odds. Betting can be a lot of fun, but you need to make sure you’re playing with the best odds possible. You should always compare the different betting sites to see which has the best odds. You should also always be on the lookout for different promotions which increases your chances of winning!

Betting Apps in India

In India, betting apps are big business. It can be fun to bet on your favourite sports teams or races, and this is a way to make some extra money while not at the computer. Betting apps will also help you keep track of your bets and show you the odds, even when you are on the go.

A dedicated betting app is also usually faster than using a website on your phone, so you will have an easier and quicker time placing your bets. A quick and easy way to place bets becomes even more important when you are placing bets on live matches, so look for a betting company that provides an app. 

How to sign up at a betting site in India

If gambling is something that interests you, then you’re in luck! There are a variety of betting sites available in India, all of which offer a variety of games and gambling experiences. Once you sign up and verify your account, you can begin gambling with real money bets. With so many options to choose from, there’s no reason not to start betting today!

Follow These 6 Steps to Place a Bet

Betting can be a fun and exciting experience. But before you get started, make sure to follow these 6 simple steps so that you can start betting right away. Once you have followed the steps you will be able to place a bet on whatever sport the site provides. 

  1. Pick a Site

    The most important step to making money on your bets is using a betting site that fits you. You may want a site that is easy to learn and under if you are new or a site that is very advanced with all the information that you could ask for if you are an experienced gambler. We recommend you choose one from our lists since they are all trustworthy and among the best in India.

  2. Sign Up

    If you go to the website using our buttons you will be taken straight to a page where you can fill in your information and sign up. Be sure to use a secure password and write it down somewhere so that you know where it is. It is always better to be safe than sorry when you are working with real money.

  3. Make a Deposit

    You should pick a betting site that supports your favourite payment methods. If you have done that, it will be easy for you to find the “make a deposit” page, it will most likely be very visible. Remember to check to see if there is anything you have to do to claim your deposit bonus before you make your deposit.

  4. Look For Any Special Promotions

    Before looking for the sport you wish to bet on, you should see if there are any special promotions currently running. These kinds of promotions may greatly increase your chances of earning money on your bet.

  5. Locate the Sportsbook

    Locate the Sportsbook section on the betting website. Then select a sport and look for a link to the specific page that contains the odds of a particular game. Look at all the different types of bets available for the sport. Make sure you understand what the bet is and what the odds are. Also, make sure you're familiar with the wagering requirements if you are using a bonus to place your bets.

  6. Place Your Bet

    Before placing your bet, make sure to have a solid financial plan in place. This means that you won't be tempted to bet impulsively in the hope of making quick profits. Once you have a good grasp of the sport you are betting on, do your homework by researching the players and teams involved. Betting on sports can take a lot of patience, but the payoff can be huge! Make sure to always understand the game you are wagering on before placing your bet so that you don't get taken advantage of by unscrupulous bookmakers. Finally, remember that gambling is an addictive habit – so be responsible and play responsibly!

Frequently Asked Questions About Betting

To bet on a game, you must register with an online betting site. We have a list of recommended betting sites on this page that are all amazing and safe to use. Once you are at the sportsbook you are interested in, click the “Open Account” tab, and then follow the instructions.

As long as you use a licenced betting site with a good reputation there is no greater risk of using an online betting site compared to a physical bookie. There are also no laws against online betting in India, so you may be able to bet online even when you are not allowed to bet in physical establishments.

An online betting site works like any other bookmaker. You enter your bets, and the site takes care of the rest.

Online betting is the betting that takes place through the Internet. This is the most popular form of betting because it allows you to bet from anywhere. Most bookmakers don’t offer any form of online betting, and the closest you can get is placing a bet by calling.

The amount you can win or lose depends on the amount you bet. Most online betting sites will offer odds that are similar to those offered by your local bookmaker.

Many online betting sites use the latest encryption technology to keep your information safe. However, there are still risks involved in online betting. Always read the terms of service and review the gambling site’s safety policies before gambling.

There are a number of benefits to using online betting sites in India. These sites allow bettors to make bets from anywhere in the world and often have superior payment options to traditional bookmakers. Additionally, many sites offer free bets and free casino games as rewards for deposits.

Yes, you can place a bet on your phone. You can find the odds at the sportsbook, and then you can click to place your bet. Some betting sites even have apps that you can use.

A bookie is someone who takes bets. The person who accepts your bet is called the “bookmaker.” In the case of online betting, the bookie is the betting website.

A sportsbook is the location of a betting website where you can place your bets.

The best betting sites are usually the ones with the best licenses, best promotions and the best reputation. But some may be subjectively better for you, so take a look at our list and choose the one you like the most, they are all amazing!

Legal online betting sites are available in India, and as long as they abide by all state and federal gambling regulations you will not have any problem using them. All betting sites that we review are legal and safe to use in India.


Whether you’re a sports fan or just looking for a fun way to spend your free time, betting sites offer you a variety of options that will let you win big! In this article, we’ve outlined the different aspects of betting and provided tips on how to get the best odds and make the most of your betting experience. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start betting like a pro!