Why a Poker App Is a Must Have

Every time you visit a new country or city, you have the pleasure to experience new things and explore it on your own. But sometimes there can be something specific you wish to do. Say for example that you visit India and you want to learn the art of yoga, then you can easily find a place that will teach you the basics. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more specialized, then you should consider using a guide to help you. 

It is exactly the same if you wish to play poker, whether it be online poker or offline poker, it is easy to find a basic poker place. But what if you want something more?

This is why we have created PokerList, your personal poker guide in every city. You can always just look on google maps to find a random casino, but PokerList will give you real time updates on different poker events in the city you are visiting. 

If you are already visiting a city and you are looking for a place to play poker, then go to PokerList app and we will guide you to the best poker establishment for you. You can also just check out the reviews of the different places you are going to. If you wish to compare them  you can see what the different poker rooms have to offer, including their promotions.

So when you are in a new city and you want to know what is happening, be sure to check out PokerList. You will always know what to do, without having to pay for expensive guidebooks!

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